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News & Features Services

Media Management

News and Features is a professional multi faceted agency based in the south of France but operating globally.
We pride ourselves in giving our clients a truly personal service, whether this be in crisis management, supply of stock images or in our documentary broadcast division.
We enjoy new challenges using our global network of associates in all five continents.
Our principal directors have nearly 60 years combined experience in journalism and are both fully accredited members of the National Union of Journalists, bringing a wealth of experience to our clients.

Documentary & Broadcast

News & Features produces high quality professional documentary films in all formats including HD.

We can take the project from inception, through shooting schedules, scripting and post-production facilities such as foreign language sub titles. We engage only the most professional editors and researchers, delivering to our clients, both feature length and short documentaries, from hard hitting investigative projects to promotional films. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and delivering on time and on budget.

Our associates can advise clients on the substantial tax advantages related to the different types of film projects at the outset, ensuring maximum value for money. It is worth noting that documentary films produced for either Cinema release or TV can generate substantial income from global sales.

Crisis Management

No individual or company looks forward to facing a situation that causes major disruption to their business or reputation especially when the situation attracts intensive media coverage.

News & Features work with client companies and high profile individuals to develop a crisis management plan, setting up scenarios to ensure everyone involved is aware of their role in any crisis.

The role of social media, such as Twitter means the information about a crisis can spread much faster then traditional media and therefore plans need to be in place to counter what may be massively damaging misinformation spreading like a wild fire.

We have the experts on stream to prepare customized contingency plans for our clients and we also offer training on how to handle TV and media interviews in the immediate aftermath of a crisis. Those first few hours are crucial and preparedness is key.

Media Research & Imagery

News and Features can undertake the most intensive media research, using databases where we can search over 3 billion public record documents.

We have access to media databases in multiple languages and countries. We can source still and video images from the most extensive libraries available internationally.

News and Features believes that the convergence of today’s multi media, broadcast and Internet markets requires a new breed of content developer. We have in house creative and production control over all forms of media.

We offer our clients a solution for the development of world-class media for any country and in any language. Our dedicated staff will design and maintain websites for a broad client base, using the latest design technologies.

Advanced Technology

At N&F we strive to be ahead of the curve and utilize the latest cutting edge software and equipment in order to provide our clients with the industry best practice.

Innovative Ideas

Developing innovative ideas and concepts for our clients drives N&F. Finding innovative solutions is part of our DNA. We listen, we create and we act.
Our clients know their businesses well and in partnership we use their knowledge and couple it to plans that create benefits.

Clear Communication

Our clients are entitled to know precisely what our plans are in any proposal and we will always set these out in a simple, concise and clear manner. Making informed decisions in business means setting out the information, aims and objectives without the “jargon”

Timely Support

With clients based around the world our business never sleeps. We always aim to respond to clients within 12 hours and while on projects we are always available, time zone permitting.

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